Our Awesome Senior Dragon Team

Depending on your religious beliefs it’s said that 2018 years ago there were three wise men. Over 2000 years later we have Davey, Stephen and Dave. This dynamic trilogy of mankind sits at the head of The White Pendragons working tirelessly to steer the dragons.

Davey Russell

Davey, also known as Bossman is the founder of Motiv8 Radio. He hosts a rant show every Friday night. Never a dull moment! Skilled at making trolls dive back under their bridge. Just don’t mention Action Man or Trainers!

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Stephen Lang

With a velvet voice that would part even the frostiest of knickers from their wearer Stephen is our American connection. He is the founder and host of an internet radio station called Dogz of War Radio and can regularly be heard on Motiv8 Radio.

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Dave Witcher

Affectionately known as Witchy Woo and the new kid on the block but don’t be fooled. He is a fountain of knowledge and delivers many nuggets of wisdom. Superfluous to negativity it has been said that this man’s aura is teflon coated.

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