Hello to you all, after some great (and also painful) deliberation I have decided that it is fact time to dispense with the leftist generated, indoctrination tool known to many as facist book. After many years of change (not for the better) by the aforesaid, I can find no reason to justify opening yet another account, to have to deal yet again with the Nazis involved with the day to day censorship of cuntbook. Over the years we have all seen this place morph in to the most regressive, oppressive excuse of a government controlled platform, that many, including myself used to enjoy the interaction of. It has been a long time coming, after losing 2 accounts (one i had since 2009) and the friends and followers, I will not do the same again. Many of us are being unfairly demonised, for nothing more than telling the truth, of which has now become a hate crime, fuelled by the left and their fear of the truth. I will miss all of you terribly, I have immensely enjoyed all of your company, messages, posts and chats and the many many friends I have made since starting this journey with you all. The journey starts here, its not over by a long shot. 🙂 please join me on Motiv8 Radio, youtube, telegram, minds and mewe, and if you have my number, please add on signal and whatsap, I will post the links below to the platforms I will be using from here on in. You are all fantastic people, never stop being you, never stop believing in what you do, never stop the fight, it has only just begun. I will be leaving the John Russell account open for a while in the hope that some of you will copy, paste and tag this message on slagbook. If you subscribe, or have subscribed on youtube, please press the bell notification to be alerted to any live feeds or videos that have been uploaded, or are going live. Motiv8 radio will still be hosting the Rant Show on the website and live on twitch, and youtube, it is imperative you try to follow me across any platform that we will not be discriminated on. ONCE AGAIN, I am not going anywhere, Face wank has served its purpose and I am grateful for that but times evolve, we must move on. To those of you that didnt know I was once again banned, I can only apologise for being able to read the messages but not reply, im not an ignorant person, faceshit just makes it look that way. I do hope you will join me, and us as we move forward free from discrimination and persecution. The links for the platforms are listed below, thank you all for reading this, sharing this or copying to post on your social media accounts, YOU are what drives me, I will be moving house on the week of the 30th of april, there may be some downtime, please bare with us. XXXX



t.me/motiv8britainnews   New app, telegram, please subscribe.

please subscribe or join https://www.minds.com/Motiv8BritainNews

please subscribe or join https://mewe.com/profile/588cebad51ee9727b961c0de



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