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BBC interview with Tommy Robinson

Secret live stream of interview with Propaganda machine for the government the BBC! People need to understand the agenda of media and the establishment. It is embarrassing,let's wait and see how they cut and edit it. PLEASE SHARE...

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The penny drops

Bless him, the penny dropped. This was filmed on the 13th January at the Fabian conference. PLEASE SHARE

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Operation Earthquake

Dave Witcher talks to Davey Russell (Bossman) to discuss covert Operation Earthquake. PLEASE SHARE

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Constitutional Awareness Day at Buckingham Palace

WE HAVE RIGHTS under Magna Carta 1215 and Bill and Declaration of rights 1688/9 to name just three constitutional documents Pendragons Constitutional awareness day with dragons from all over the Country. Well done people! Lots of Tourists thanked us and...

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