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23rd June Independence Letter

Get your copy of the letter today. Time is running out for you to be part of what could be a historic moment in the history of our wonderful isles A .PDF format copy is available for all who wants to be part of that day. Will history show that...

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A Message from Charlie Brown

Although the mere words "I am sorry" can not convey the remorse I feel for my actions live on Motiv8 on Thursday night, unfortunately these are the only words I have. I apologise 100% unreservedly and I ask for your forgiveness. Many times over the past...

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Labour investigates transgender adviser to Corbyn

Labour is investigating a transgender adviser to Jeremy Corbyn amid claims she called all white people racist and branded Suffragettes 'white supremacists'. Shadow chancellor John McDonnell confirmed the leader's office is looking into the comments by...

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EASTER BASH 2018 – Don’t miss it!!!

  NOTE FROM THE WEB MASTER TO DAVEY and CHIC About the fancy dress thing,  I know I sprung this on you but Easter does coincide with April Fool's Day, So DJ's happy April Fool's day from The Web Master. I know you guys wont disappoint us! Looking for forward to...

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NEW WEBSITE FEATURE – Facebook-like emoticons

In the Community section over at you now have 7 Facebook-like emotions for reacting on any activity update. Choose from – Like, Love, Thankful, Haha, Wow, Sad and Angry to express yourself. Go check it out. 👍 And if you...

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